Mark H. Maxwell, Entertainment Attorney
Based in Nashville
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“A successful life is not about living our dream. It’s not only about God’s dream for us either. A successful life is about God’s dream for others through us. It’s serving.”

~ Mark H. Maxwell


“Whether you are on the creative or business side, in the long run, character always trumps talent.”

~Mark H. Maxwell


“The key to overcoming “stage fright” or the fear of bombing at a live show, is to understand that when you stand on a stage you have the honor of presenting your audience with a gift. You are there to love and serve your audience, not simply to receive their adoration and affirmation. Your voice, musicianship, melody and lyrics make up a beautiful, supernatural creative gift that you are vulnerably serving your audience to offer them joy, hope, perspective, empathy and love -- a gift to transform their hearts and lives that night and beyond. It’s always about the audience and not about you as the artist. Once an artist understands the power of that gift and makes that their primary focus as opposed to finding their identity in the applause, then the spotlight becomes a place of love instead of place of fear with the risk of failure.”

~ Mark H. Maxwell


“A Christ-follower is secure. Once he knows his standing in heaven, he can live recklessly, generously and unselfishly.” #NetworkingKills

“When your work is focused on serving others, the fear of failure is erased.” #NetworkingKills

“Networking contradicts the nature of our Creator in us. His identity is centered on love—not on taking and using.” #NetworkingKills

“Serving can create purpose and contentment that can make the most difficult job feel like a dream.” #NetworkingKills

“Networking is about making yourself visible. Serving is about making yourself available. Visibility fades. Giving value lasts.” #NetworkingKills

 “Serving gives and attracts while networking takes and repels.” #NetworkingKills  

“God is my provider; clients, jobs & bosses are simply channels of his provision.” #NetworkingKills

“Generosity creates supernatural results.” #NetworkingKills

 ““The Best Marketing Plan” comes through genuine love, generosity and care for others. Build relationships without strings attached and provision flows both ways.” #NetworkingKills

“Don’t trust your preferences. Trust his promises. Don’t just trust your gifts and inclinations. Trust his gifts and power in you. Don’t just trust what others identify for your life. Trust his voice and assignments #NetworkingKills